How to choose the best DNS hosting provider for me?

Domain Name System (DNS) is vital in modern network architecture. Without it to surf or being found (websites) on the Internet wouldn’t be as easier as it is now. 

If you want to jump online or if you are already on the wave but you want to expand, of course, you need to pick your DNS hosting service properly.

What DNS hosting should provide?


Security is always a concern. The bigger your business is, the bigger the worry. Hijacking, DDoS attacks, etc., can be disastrous for your business’ reputation, profits, time, and investment to fix it.

You need protection against such threats. Firewall policies, monitoring, blocking, filtering, rate limiting, etc. Modern tech, efficient software can prevent and react if an event occurs. Providers have different plans, which means more or less protection and higher or lower cost.


High speed is a gold value. It impacts vital aspects such as time for queries to be answered, loading time, the good or bad experience for your visitors, and therefore, the position search engines give you, based on exactly these criteria.

Look for high speed, avoid sluggishness because it will directly affect your profits.


Downtime means less traffic, fewer purchases, and fewer profits. Professional DNS hosting providers know it, so they offer an uptime guarantee. Some refund money for the total downtime your site experienced yearly.

100% uptime is not so realistic to get but look for the highest possible and a guarantee that makes you trust.

Servers in different locations

Check if the provider has servers close to your target market. This will speed answers to queries and more.


Hardware failures, software or configuration mistakes, hacking, etc., can produce outages. You need a redundant DNS strategy to reduce vulnerability and to keep your site accessible. Solutions like multiple locations with multiple IPs, monitoring, redirection of traffic, backup mechanisms…  


Failures or attacks are possible, but a responsible provider who takes proper actions to fix the situation really makes a difference. A professional and reachable 24/7 customer service is another factor to look for. 

DNS hosting choices

In general, there are three main choices: self-DNS hosting, free DNS, and paid DNS.

Self-DNS hosting requires your own infrastructure: modern and sufficient hardware, proficient tech and IT knowledge, time for constant maintenance and development.

Free DNS hosting is a popular and convenient choice since it doesn’t cost. It provides the basic features for sites to run online. This is a common starting point for newbies or small businesses, for websites with local and moderate traffic, or sites that can afford downtime. Security, speed, and uptime are average and not guaranteed.

Paid DNS hosting supplies a robust infrastructure with higher quality, support, and the most advanced tech for your website to run smoothly. You get as much as your budget allows. If you have a growing business or manage massive loads of global traffic, if you are into e-commerce or payment services where extra security for transactions and data protection is a must, paid DNS is a suitable choice. Let others monitor and be in charge of the DNS hosting stuff to focus on the rest of the job your business requires.

Some providers supply both free and paid DNS hosting. Such providers make the decision really easier. You can try the free service to know them, and if your needs grow and you are comfortable with the service, the jump to their paid service could be smoother.

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DNS hosting service deeply impacts the general performance of a website. To choose the best DNS hosting provider for your business, consider:

  • Your needs and expectations.
  • What providers offer in terms of security, speed, uptime, redundancy, reliability, and guarantees.
  • Your budget.

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