Benefits of using Premium DNS

Either if you have a big e-shop or a personal blog, you need a DNS service to be reachable online. Basically, you have two clear choices on the market. To get a free DNS service or to pay a Premium DNS one. 

Quality DNS, life or death for your business?

Your DNS service will manage all the access requests to your website. Moreover, DNS service will deeply impact critical website’s factors like speed, uptime, security, and the kind of experience it offers to visitors.

Let’s break this down:

  1. High speed is a very appreciated value. To answer fast visitors’ requests and to have a quick loading time are vital for a website. Both make the difference between getting more and happier visitors or losing them. Furthermore, search engines consider exactly these parameters to rank your website in an attractive position or to bury it at the bottom of the results.
  2. Security. You need a reliable DNS service to protect your site against all kinds of threats. DDoS attacks are a real concern for every business owner. 
  3. Look for high uptime. To suffer constant problems or downtime on your website badly affect your reputation and profits.
  4. The list of DNS providers is vast. Look for a reliable company with attractive plans that can suit your business’ needs right now and in the future, when it grows. Quality service really makes a difference.

Premium DNS benefits

Free DNS provides you basic and limited resources to run your business online. Based on the kind of business you have, “basic” and “limited” could not be suitable, especially in some critical areas like security, speed, traffic management, etc.

For instance, the most advanced DDoS protection is expensive. So it’s not an option to put it inside a free DNS and offer it to users.

On the other hand, Premium DNS offers you a robust infrastructure with the necessary resources to guarantee the most demanding websites’ performance. This is a general overview of the features Premium DNS providers can supply.

  • Large DNS networks with available servers all over the world.
  • More DNS zones.
  • Support for all kinds of DNS records.
  • Domain parking. 
  • The number of queries your business requires, millions per month if needed.
  • Traffic management.
  • Email forwards.
  • Web forwards.
  • Constant surveillance and checks to prevent security events and to fix vulnerabilities.
  • Advanced tech to upgrade your website’s security.
  • Efficient methods to balance the load, like GeoDNS.
  • High uptime, guaranteed. 
  • Fast speed.
  • Quick loading time.
  • Advanced features like DNS Failover.
  • Professional tools for Primary, Secondary, and Reverse DNS.
  • HTTP REST API, DNS statistics.
  • Different plans and costs. 
  • Customer support, available 24/7. 

How to know if Premium DNS is for you?

The real needs of your business will define the answer.

If you own a small or local business, a start-up, or a blog and a moderate, not international traffic fits your plans, maybe you can have enough with a free DNS service. You are going to get a stable domain, basic features to run the site, and average speed. Not bad, at least to start. Success can surprise you and grow more than you expected. Then your needs will be bigger, and you will be ready for Premium DNS.

In the opposite case, you run an international business with big loads of traffic, so you totally know the value of constant uptime. To properly answer millions of global requests mean profit for you. Downtime, sluggishness, long loading time are just not affordable. You need the highest security to protect users’ data and transactions. Premium DNS is for you!

How to choose the best DNS hosting provider for me?


Take your time checking providers, the guarantees they offer, and costs. Premium DNS benefits must provide reliability and powerful performance for demanding websites (government, banking, e-commerce, etc.).

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